COVID-19 Salon Pre-Screener

I’m so excited get to have you back in my chair. With the COVID-19 pandemic, some changes have come along. Here is some information for you to help ensure a safe visit for both you and I. You will also find an easy COVID-19 pre-screener that you should fill in prior to your appointment.

If you are visiting the salon-suite, please text me upon arrival and I will come outside and let you in.

You must wear a mask the entire time during your visit.

One person per appointment. Please do not bring anyone with you.

Bring as little with you as possible such as phone, keys, and form of payment only.

Please wash your hands as soon as you arrive to the salon and before you leave.

I affirm that I have not been exposed to anyone that has been diagnosed with COVID-19 within the past 14 days inside or outside of the country in which I reside