Woman on the Go, Makeup on the Go

Hair and Makeup by Nereida Women on the Go Presentation

Woman on the go, Makeup on the go!

Now a days we live such a fast paced lifestyle, that everything has to be quick. With YouTube offering so many different tips, I’m finding that many ladies are confused. Should I be contouring to the Gods everyday? What is a tight line, and do I need to know how to apply eyeliner there too? Should I have a droplet and apply half of a bottle of foundation? The answer is no, ladies. Although we do live in selfie age, and looking picture ready has become kind of important to many, you can always look put together, and bring out your best features by just having a simple makeup routine!

Recently I was asked to speak and do a makeup demonstration at an “Empowering Women” meet up group. The idea was for me to give some tips on quick makeup application. Being that this was my first time speaking at this type of event, I was a little bit nervous. Yes I do makeup and hair as a full time job, but to break it down in front of a crowd was different for me.  I decided I would prepare for the evening by coming up with 5 tips for the ladies to remember in order to get through a daily look quickly. I wanted to touch on something they could do before work, in the locker room at the gym, or even in the car right before they jump out to run into the grocery store. I also wanted these ladies to have some ideas on products that might work for women on the go.


Before I get to the look, I would like to reiterate something. It seems that many “how to” makeup videos don’t stress the importance of preparing your skin has an overall makeup look. So I’m here to tell you, you have to keep up with your skin, and keep your brows groomed in order to look your best. If you come up with  routine and stay on top of it, you will have half the battle won already. Also ladies, stay hydrated please! Whether we want to accept it or not, our skin will tell everyone whether or not we are drinking water.

Now for the look. I’ve broken it down in to 5 easy steps in order for you to have something to remember when you’re on the go! Remember that before you start this or any makeup look, your skin should be ready. You should have cleansed, toned and moisturized already.

One- “Evaluate” Analyze your skin, and scope out any unevenness. Determine which areas need more coverage, and which need less.

Two- “Conceal” This is the part where you conceal dark circles and even out your skin with tinted moisturizer or a foundation that best suits your skin type. You can go back in and layer the foundation in areas that need more coverage, also conceal blemishes if needed.

Three- “Set” Lightly dust on a little setting powder. The lighter the better. Too much will age you, and look unnatural. 

Four- “Brows” Again, your brows should always be groomed, and this step will take up less of your time. Comb in to place making sure there is no foundation or powder on them, and fill in where needed. I like to use NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Tame & Frame Eyebrow Pomade, Chocolate

Five- “Color” This is the last step and a very important one! This is where you bring in all of the color you took out of your skin when you even out your skin in one of the previous steps. As we age our skin changes in different ways, and often we lose color in our lips and skin. Put color back in your cheeks, lips and apply something on your eye lids as well.

After you have completed those five steps, you can apply your mascara, and eyeliner (Keep it soft), and you’re done! It’s as simple as 1,2,3,4,5. My advice is to always keep products in your makeup bag that will help you complete this look anywhere. One of the products I used for this look, and I also recommended to the group of ladies attending, was a “multiple”. What is a multiple you might ask? It’s a product that can be used in multiple ways. I actually mixed two different shades for Carolyn’s look with one being NARS “The Multiple” in the shade “South Beach”. I applied it on her eyes, cheeks and lips.

“Voila! There you have it! Five easy steps to remember when you’re on the go! Remember the key to always looking put together is to incorporate as much maintenance in to do your daily routine as possible. This will save you time, and keep you looking and feeling your best at all times.

Until next time,


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